Resources for subscribers

Originally launched in 1995, The BMJ's website contains all The BMJ's content back to 1840. All research articles in the archive are free; to access the remaining content, a subscription is required. To find out more about what you can view on the site, visit The BMJ's access options page.

Currently The BMJ offers subscriptions on a personal user, single institution, and consortia institutional basis. You can subscribe to both print and online, or online only.

Find out here how to subscribe.

Personal subscriptions

The BMJ offers a range of personal subscriptions options to suit your needs:

* Online only
* Print and online

  • The BMJ General Practice
  • The BMJ Clinical Research
  • The BMJ Academic edition (read FAQs)

Personal print subscriptions provide complete access to the full text of at no extra cost. Locate your customer number on your journal wrapper and activate your free online subscription on the BMJ Journals site.

Find out more about each of the different options and how to subscribe here. Or, if you know which option you would like to choose, subscribe today. You can also contact our subscriptions department by email or telephone on + 44 (0) 207 111 1105.

Single institution and consortia institutional subscriptions

BMJ Journals Online Collection contains over 30 leading specialty journals ( is not part of this collection)., Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin (DTB), the BMJ Evidence Centre and BMJ Learning are all available to institutions, libraries, corporations, and consortia as separate subscriptions. For more information, please contact our consortia sales team.

  • A discounted price is available to institutions on purchases of print and online made at the same time.
  • If you are a BMA member, register for FREE access at the BMA website.
  • To obtain a four week free trial of the online collection for your institution, please contact our consortia sales team
  • For further information on institutional subscriptions, please click here.
  • BMJ ISSN numbers
  • Managing your subscription

    The BMJ provides you with the resources to manage your subscription. If you forget your username or password or want to make amends to existing details, there are a range of resources that help both personal and institutional users to control subscription details.

    Individual article purchase

    All subscription only articles are available to buy individually from the site. If you are not a subscriber and want to view an article, select the full-text option to view the article. Select Buy the article.


    Reprints of any article in The BMJ can be ordered from the article page, by selecting the request permissions link from the menu to the left of an article. For more information read our permissions page

    Reprints requests for articles older than 1994 or for requests of over 500 copies can be made from our reprint order form.

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