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The BMJ offers range of ways of interacting with our content. Much of this functionality is accessible at the article level, but you will need to register first.

You can register for our alerts service in advance, or you can register as you select a service from an article. You do not need to have a full subscription to register for these services.

We have highlighted some of the options for you on the left hand menu. If you encounter any problems using the tools and services please contact us using the feedback form.

Citing/indexing articles in The BMJ

The BMJ is an online journal, and the online version of the journal, and each article at is the complete version. The online journal is updated daily, and each article is identified by a unique online article locator. The locator, volume, and year are all that is required when indexing or citing content from The BMJ: we recommend that you use the digital object identifier (doi) for linking (e.g. doi:, and use the following citation format (for the same article, published in volume 351 in 2015): BMJ 2015;351:h43200

Print editions

Several print editions are produced to aid distribution of content from the journal to specific audiences. Each contains only a digest of selected content from, and articles in print editions may have been shortened and may not contain full references and details of conflicts of interest. Please do not use the page numbers given in any print edition when citing or linking to content in The BMJ.

? The BMJ General Practice: weekly and aimed at UK general practitioners
? The BMJ Clinical Research: weekly and aimed at UK secondary care clinicians and researchers
? The BMJ Academic edition: monthly and aimed at an international audience

If you have questions about how to cite articles or link to them, or would like to receive a metadata feed of all articles published online, please contact us.

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