The BMJ Academic edition

What is The BMJ Academic edition?

The BMJ Academic edition is a monthly print only journal. It includes the full text of research papers, education content and clinical reviews published in and in the print version of The BMJ. This print edition is suitable for academic researchers. The academic issue does not include Careers advertising. Here is a sample issue in e-reader format.

The BMJ Academic edition features:

? Monthly publication.
? 150 pages per issue of award winning scholarly content - including original research, editorials, clinical reviews, analysis, research methods, and letters.
? Full text of research papers - rather than one page abstracts.
? State of the Art reviews - written by international experts, these in-depth, 5000 word articles offer the latest thinking on important areas of clinical medicine and academic inquiry.
? Truly international - removal of UK focused and magazine style content (such as obituaries, news, and personal views).
? Easy navigation between sections - front page contents list to make finding content quicker and easier.
? Enhanced production - glossy cover, high quality paper, and perfect bound for easy stacking and filing.

What is the frequency of The BMJ Academic edition?

The BMJ Academic edition is published monthly in print.

Is there a digital version of The BMJ Academic edition?

The BMJ Academic edition is a print only publication, but if you are a subscriber you will have full online access to, which contains all the content published in the Academic edition.

Do subscribers to the academic issue also have online access?

Yes, all subscribers to the Academic edition also have online access to
Individuals who subscribe to print will get online access. Institutions will have to take out a print and online subscription.

Can I purchase an individual copy of The BMJ Academic edition?

Yes, it is priced the same as The BMJ international edition

How much does The BMJ Academic edition cost?

The BMJ Academic edition is priced the same as The BMJ weekly international edition.
View the subscription rates here .

Indexing The BMJ

Do not use the page numbers given in this edition when citing or linking to content in The BMJ . This printed Academic edition is a monthly digest of research and education content from The BMJ. Please be aware that The BMJ is an online journal, and only the online version at should be used when indexing content from The BMJ. We recommend that you use the Digital Object Identifier (doi) available online at the top of every article and printed in each article in this edition.

If you have any questions concerning the academic issue or your subscription please contact our Customer Services team at [email protected]

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